Things You Never Knew About FEMA

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Learn about critical federal help after a disaster

Edgar Hoover , however, just covered up their existence and continued the program under another name, telling his agents to just not mention it. Throughout the Reagan administration, the black ops of the US military and intelligence agencies effectively ran wild, especially in Latin America , where Reagan's aggressive intervention many times verged on intentional genocide [19] by right-wing "death squads" with CIA backing. In this violent environment, the "scenario" described in Rex 84 is rather disturbing.

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The ironic part about Rex 84, which many wingnuts seem not to grasp, is that the program was targeted against civil rights groups, anti-war groups, organized labor, immigrants, and minority communities in support of hegemonic, capitalist, right-wing American business interests see Allen Dulles. FEMA camps are not, as conspiracy theorists would have it, some grand plot against conservative American patriots; rather, the only administration to seriously consider interning dissidents was planning on doing so against the sorts of left-wing activists that the American far-right despise the most next to the federal government, the NWO , and the "international bankers" , that is.

There has been one time in America's history when the government did send its own citizens to internment camps. During World War II , about ,—, Japanese Americans were forcibly relocated from the West Coast to internment camps in the interior of the country, on the grounds that they would act as a fifth column against the American war effort.

Privately, many white farmers on the West Coast also viewed it as a way to get rid of their Japanese competitors. This incident is often brought up by those who claim that the government has the will to do it again occasionally claiming that some of the planned FEMA camps are renovated Japanese internment centers , neglecting to mention the fact that the backlash against internment very quickly sapped that very will.

Notably, this happened despite the Supreme Court explicitly declaring the Indian Removal Act of to be unconstitutional. In this case, fortunately, the Navajo were able to successfully reclaim most of their land, albeit only after experiencing a massive loss of life. Despite the atrocities done in both instances, they weren't US citizens at the time. Fighting pseudoscience isn't free. Jump to: navigation , search. This page contains too many unsourced statements and needs to be improved. Hidden category: Articles with unsourced statements.

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Frequently asked questions about FEMA disaster assistance

Support Donate. Community Saloon bar To do list What is going on? Social media Twitter Facebook Discord Reddit. This page was last modified on 20 September , at Unless explicitly noted otherwise, all content licensed as indicated by RationalWiki:Copyrights. In these instances, the inspector will confirm the information provided at the time of registration recording disaster caused personal losses through a telephone interview. When the inspector is unaware of damages to your residence, a site inspection will be necessary.

FEMA's Panel of Flood Experts Unable to Meet as Losses Mount - Scientific American

When a FEMA inspector comes to your damaged home, he or she will verify your name, damaged home address, current mailing address and phone numbers. FEMA inspectors will not ask for your registration number, since they already have it. There is never an inspection fee. Generally, the inspection lasts about 30 minutes. The inspector does not determine eligibility or the amount of financial assistance you may be eligible to receive.

Remember: FEMA never charges a fee for an inspection. The inspector will never ask for bank information.

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After your home inspection has taken place, a record of the disaster-caused damages is given to FEMA. From that record your eligibility for disaster assistance will be determined. If you qualify for a grant, within 7 to 10 days after your application, FEMA will send you: A check by mail or a direct deposit into your checking or savings account, and A letter describing how you are to use the money. There are multiple categories of assistance, so it is possible to qualify for more than one. Add to Wish List. This page works best with JavaScript.

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FEMA's role in disaster relief

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Things You Never Knew About FEMA Things You Never Knew About FEMA
Things You Never Knew About FEMA Things You Never Knew About FEMA
Things You Never Knew About FEMA Things You Never Knew About FEMA
Things You Never Knew About FEMA Things You Never Knew About FEMA
Things You Never Knew About FEMA Things You Never Knew About FEMA
Things You Never Knew About FEMA Things You Never Knew About FEMA

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