The Art of Coming Home

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10 ways to have an amazing end to your study abroad experience

Explore art works, paint-smeared palettes, scribbled letters and more Artists and architects have run the RA for years. Our Collection is a record of them. Start exploring. Your device is not optimal for everything we want to show On the one hand, it really felt like time had stood still in my absence and nothing had changed, people were still doing the same thing etc. However, at the same time, people had moved on, found new friends, partners etc and so had new parts of their lives of which I had no involvement — which made me fee quite detached at times. Well stated. I returned from 4 months in Rome to live in the fast paced, heart wrenching world of NYC and the difference between those two worlds was indeed shocking and I felt very alone in my feelings!!!

The stories that I shared with them is incomparable to the actual magic that I felt during my travels…. Great film. Plus i had lunch with the filmmaker, Brook, about a year ago in NYC.

Great guy. This is exactly how I felt when I came back from studying abroad in Australia in , and then again how I felt after coming back from teaching English in Prague earlier this year. You feel so different, and yet the only people who really understand the difference are those that were there with you. I am going back home to Chicago this Sunday after working in Saudi Arabia for 5 years.

I am scared and confused. I thought I would be happy of returning back home,but now I feel sad ,scared and cry a lot. Is this how I suppose to feel? I like your travel blog Matt, and ths article caught my eye as it reminded me of how I frequently felt after returning home Ottawa, Canada from living overseas. About two months ago I returned to the US after a year spent in Thailand. I cannot believe that I am still going through the culture shock of being home, and it only seems to get worse.

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The feelings suck. It was good to read your article, there are many things that I agree with and it is comforting. I agree with the travel stories bit. People get bored very quickly because they think you are bragging even when they ask you! I have so many stories to tell but feel like I have no one to tell them too. My home town does feel like it was frozen apart from my friends who are now all married and have children.

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Its tough, when does it get better matt? It never does but luckily there is a great online community of travelers to share your stories with. So glad I found your post, Matt, and all the thoughtful comments that followed. I just returned from a three month odyssey that included long, incredibly rich interludes in Morocco, Spain, followed by some amazing experiences in Italy, Corfu, and Albania. I just returned last Tuesday night and for these past five days have felt like something of a zombie. Tonight I may still feel lower than pond scum but perhaps not as low as the looooong day following my return last week.

At least I know what the prognosis is and can do something about it. Thanks so much for letting me discover this wealth of insight here. By that I mean, people are living their own lives in the way that drives them. Its not the stories that interest people necessarily, its how connected they feel as a result of them.

There is something to be said about great art though. There is an art in telling story so it relates to people. How would we ever truly know? I wonder sometimes…. K, europe etc for 6 months, came home for 6 weeks and then went off to the U. Hey- brilliant post. I spent over a year travelling and working in Asia, and coming back seemed easy enough at first. Trying to explain it seems impossible to anyone here, but you really hit the nail on the head. Prior to Switzerland, I was working full time.

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My boyfriend was offered an incredible work opportunity for years in Europe, and he said he wouldnt go unless I quit my job and went with him. It was scary to give up everything, but I did it. I gave my car to my daughter, quit a great job, and packed up my entire house of belonging to ship overseas. Traveling has always been my dream, and Even though we had a house in Switzerland, I traveled alot with my boyfriend on business trips; Amazing adventures.

Being back in California is akward. This just depresses me further. He is restless though not traveling 3 days a week. It helps me to read the post here. Thank you. Thank you for writting this.

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It was the hardest decision that I have ever made and I feel guilty for it almost everyday. I still have a hard time trying to relate to my good friends. I know that this has been more harmful than helpful. My therapist is having a field day with this concept.

The Art of Coming Home

At least you can talk to someone! I can tell you that I already know that it will be a short stay. Could not agree more. I spent 5 years essentially living on the road in the States. I just recently accepted an international job and have been traveling through several countries for a little over six months.

The Art of Coming Home The Art of Coming Home
The Art of Coming Home The Art of Coming Home
The Art of Coming Home The Art of Coming Home
The Art of Coming Home The Art of Coming Home
The Art of Coming Home The Art of Coming Home

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