Sports in World History (Themes in World History)

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This course examines the social and political status of Jews under Muslim and Christian rule since the Middle Ages. Themes include interfaith relations, Islamic and Christian beliefs regarding the Jews, Muslim, and Christian regulation of Jewry, and the Jewish response. A graduate level survey of fundamental themes in historiography, method, and theory, as well as interdisciplinary methods and theories. This course offers a historical perspective on policy and policy making in the United States since the late nineteenth century.

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Courses History Notes Ubbelohde Lecture. Past Post Docs. Shopping cart close. HSTY Introduction to Latin American History MWF Mcginness This course provides an introduction to the historical and cultural development of Latin America, in an attempt to identify the forces, both internal and external, which shape the social, economic and political realities in present day Latin America. HSTY Modern Britain and Its Empire Tu Broich This lecture and discussion course covers the history of Britain at the height of its political and industrial power and the history of the expanding and contracting British Empire.

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HSTY Modern Latin America W Mcginness This course explores change, continuity, and conflict, but also the flourishing of culture and the arts, from the late colonial period up to the 21st century in Latin America. Introduction to History. Introduction to the Ancient Near East. MW Introduction to the Early American History. Introduction to the Modern World History. MWF Introduction to Modern African History. Introduction to Latin American History. Introduction to Modern South Asia. Modern Britain and Its Empire. Tu Science in Western Thought I. Historical and philosophical interpretation of some epochal events in development of science.

Blacks in America from the first importation of Africans to the implementation of civil rights laws. West African origins, slave trade, slavery, free blacks and emancipation and study of Reconstruction, segregation, urbanization, and the struggle for racial equality. History, culture and politics of the French Caribbean island of Martinique, from its position as a key site of the 18th century Atlantic World economy to becoming an official French department and outpost of the European Union.

Interdisciplinary perspectives on the complex nature of social identity, historical memory and impact of globalization. No French is required. Offered during winter inter-term through Lehigh Study Abroad.

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Colonial beginnings; the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution; the creation of a new nation; the development of American political parties; the antebellum American state. American abolitionism and the origins of the Civil War; the Second American Revolution; Reconstruction and its sequel. The history of modern science, primarily physical and biological, with emphasis on the development of major theoretical models since the 17th century.

Tobacco, sugar, coffee, opium, marijuana, cocaine. Formation and development of western culture to about Rise of universities and towns, legal development and origins of representative government, origins of nationstates, scholasticism and decline of the medieval church. The Nazi Holocaust in its historical, political and religious setting. Emphasis upon the moral, cultural and theological issues raised by the Holocaust.

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France's tumultuous transformation from an absolutist monarchy to a modern democratic republic. Explores major cultural, social and economic changes, with particular attention given to industrialization and urbanization, gender and class, church and state relations, the French Left and France's unique contribution to modern philosophy, art and culture.

Explores the revolutionary character of the political upheaval in that led to the fall of the ruling shogan and the dissolution of the elite samurai class. Examines both the causes of these major political and social changes, and their continuing impact upon Japanese culture and society.

Black leadership, organizations, and philosophy in America from Reconstruction to the Civil Rights Era; ideas and programs of Booker T.

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Washington, W. The historical development of major religious groups in this country from colonial times to the present. Their place in social and political life, and the impact of the national experience upon them. Emphasis on religious freedom and pluralism, and the churchstate relationship. France's artistic, cultural, social, artistic and political development from early kingship and dominance of the Church in the Middle Ages to the grandeur of Versailles in the Age of Absolutism; radical transformations of culture and society during the French Revolution and advent of the Modern Nation-State; to twentieth century developments including the two World Wars, imperialism and impact of post-war globalization.

This course, which is part of the Lehigh in Paris summer program, will cover a century of change and focus on the major accomplishments of its visionary planners.

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Culmination of the major. Working collectively on a broadly-defined theme, students master the tools of historical inquiry by developing and completing individual research projects that engage primary and secondary sources. Theme varies with instructor. Departmental permission required. Intensive study in a particular area of history for advanced students. An examination of the public role of history in modern society, with focus on issues facing historians in museums, historical societies, archives, historic preservation, the federal government, and other organizations in the public sphere.

Professionally supervised work in a museum, historical society, archive, or other historical agency. Written journal or report evaluating the experience is required. Permission of department chair required. May be repeated for a maximum of six credits. May not be counted toward the major requirement of 12 hours of courses numbered or higher.

Explores efforts to achieve both prosperity and security in the postwar era. Among the topics discussed: new technologies, consumer culture, disposable products, advertising, defense spending, technical assistance, and multinational corporations. Political, social, and economic history of the Roman Empire, A. Romanization of the provinces, diffusion of Christianity, and special attention to transformation to medieval period.

Includes readings in translation of primary sources. Roman history of the 1st century A. Political, cultural, and socioeconomic changes; special attention to the evolution of absolute power. Lectures, discussions, papers.

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Relationship between Americans and their natural environment from the colonial period to the present: impact of European settlement, attitudes toward wilderness, role of technological development, rise of preservation and conservation movements, establishment of national parks, recent environmental protection legislation.

Founding and growth of colonies in North America through Emphasis on motives for settlement, Native American-European relations, and the economic, social, and political development of the British West Indies, and mainland provinces. The history of American Indians from before European contact to the present.

Emphasis will be placed on the diversity of native peoples of eastern North America and how patterns of interaction between native Americans and Euro-Americans have changed over time. Discussion format, research paper.

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Development of American popular culture and media: popular press, Hollywood, radio, television, sports, and advertising, and the meanings these institutions have created in 20th-century United States. Changing conceptions of sexuality and the role of women, men, and children in the family and society from the colonial to the postWorld War II era.

Emphasis on the significance of socioeconomic class and cultural background. Topics include family structure, birth control, legal constraints, marriage, divorce, and prostitution.

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Social, literary, and political thought in the 20th century with emphasis on pragmatism and progressivism, maturation of American literary culture, ideas of American exceptionalism at midcentury, civil rights movement and feminism, neoconservatism and recent trends. This course chronicles the history of Africans and the Atlantic world from the fifteenth century. It explores cross-cultural interactions and exchanges between Africans and Europeans and covers major themes including trade, religion, slavery, abolition, identity, colonialism, gender, the "Back-to-Africa" movements and impact of Africans on Atlantic world history.

Reciprocal relationships between North America and the African continent from the slave trade in the 17th century to the 20th century-Afrocentric movement; impact of Americans on the shaping of modern Africa, Pan-African relations; influence of African Americans on US policies toward Africa.

African background; colonial beginnings; 19th century-slave community; the ruling race and proslavery ideology; the death of slavery and its aftermath; slavery and freedom in a comparative context. Topics may be focused by period, genre, thematic interest or interdisciplinary method. Local history focusing on Native American communities, Moravian settlement, natural resources, industrial firms, immigration and ethnic communities, organized labor, housing patterns and urban sprawl, high-tech industry, and tourism.

Sports in World History (Themes in World History) Sports in World History (Themes in World History)
Sports in World History (Themes in World History) Sports in World History (Themes in World History)
Sports in World History (Themes in World History) Sports in World History (Themes in World History)
Sports in World History (Themes in World History) Sports in World History (Themes in World History)
Sports in World History (Themes in World History) Sports in World History (Themes in World History)
Sports in World History (Themes in World History) Sports in World History (Themes in World History)
Sports in World History (Themes in World History) Sports in World History (Themes in World History)
Sports in World History (Themes in World History) Sports in World History (Themes in World History)
Sports in World History (Themes in World History)

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