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Applications of this theory to the resolution of the mentioned problems involving group algebras will be given in later talks in our semester.

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  • Lectures on Quantum Groups!
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  • Lectures on Quantum Groups.
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We show that a compact quantum subgroup of a co-amenable quantum group is itself co-amenable. I shall discuss how to use Baire category techniques to obtain results on sets of multiplicity and convolution. For the lectures in the semester, there is no formal registration procedure, and no registration fee.

Lectures on Quantum Groups - Pavel I. Etingof, Olivier Schiffmann - Google книги

This is separate to the conferences. If you plan to attend, then please contact Matthew Daws in the first instance, as we may be able to offer temporary office accommodation. Unfortunately we cannot offer any financial assistance to support attendance at our semester. Information We plan a meeting to be held in the new Research visitors centre in the School of Mathematics, University of Leeds.


Programme The provisional programme is as follows. Thursday 27 May -- Saturday 29 May First conference. Monday 28 June -- Wednesday 30 June Second conference.

Wednesday 30 June Official end of the programme Conferences There will be two conferences held during the meeting, the first one on the 27, 28 and 29 May, and the second on the 28, 29 and 30 June. Please see the conference page for further details Lecture programme Some of our speakers have had last minute commitments arise, so there have been a few changes, and perhaps a couple of lectures are still subject to being moved. Slides from lecture Tuesday 18 May, 11am-noon Operator amenability of the Fourier algebra.

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Slides from lecture Friday 21 May, 11am-noon Extensions to the quantum setting. Slides from lecture Wednesday 26 May, 11am-noon Quotient strong Arens irregularity over locally compact quantum groups and some related problems. Slides from lecture For further details, see PDF abstract. Slides from 1st talk Printable version and Slides from 2nd talk Printable version.

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Nico Spronk In Paul Cohen published a seminal result characterising continuous homomorphisms from commutative group algebras into commutative measure algebras. Thursday 3 June, 11ampm Slides from talk. Thursday 3 June, pm Slides from talk. Matthew Daws Wednesday 16 June, 11am-noon "Gentle" introduction to group algebras.

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Talk slides and Printable version. Online ISBN Print ISSN: Online ISSN: Primary MSC: Applied Math? MAA Book?

Lectures in Lie Groups and Quantum Groups

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Lectures on Quantum Groups by Pavel Etingof Paperback Book

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Reviews: Very useful for … understanding and … research in quantum groups, in particular, the chapters on the braid group action and crystal bases … highly recommend[ed] … to all research mathematicians working in quantum groups … The writing is one of the most pleasant attributes of this book. Related Products:.

Lie Groups and Lie Algebras - Lecture 1

Gaussian Binomial Coefficients Chapter 0. Gaussian Binomial Coefficients Index Index.

Lectures on quantum groups Lectures on quantum groups
Lectures on quantum groups Lectures on quantum groups
Lectures on quantum groups Lectures on quantum groups
Lectures on quantum groups Lectures on quantum groups
Lectures on quantum groups Lectures on quantum groups
Lectures on quantum groups Lectures on quantum groups
Lectures on quantum groups Lectures on quantum groups

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