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Capablanca was noted especially for his technical mastery, and in this book he explains the fundamentals as no one else could. Read more about the PowerV Word Selector. Please note that the Lexile measures for a small population of books have been recently updated.

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Quick Book Search Search Advanced. Advanced Search Title. The fact is that chess consists of those three elements plus the inherent element of position , and that position is first, last, and foremost. This does not mean that you should neglect any of the other three elements, but that you should give pre-eminence to the element of position. The first thing to look at is material.

Chess Fundamentals - Download Capablanca's Primer

If one side is one pawn ahead that constitutes an advantage, and very often a decisive advantage among players of equal strength. To upset such an advantage there must be for the other player a much greater freedom of action for his pieces that would generally be in Space , or he would need to have the possibility of a strong attack against some weak point which would result in his recovering at least the Pawn lost. As a compensation he might also have an attack against the King involving the possibility of mate.

This latter alternative would be much more common among average players, as they are generally more apt to see a chance for an attack against the King than for an attack against weak points. A cramped position is a bad position.

A Primer of Chess by José Raúl Capablanca

An open position with freedom for the pieces, but with the pieces so placed that their action cannot be co-ordinated for some time, is a bad position. In general the things to consider are: - Force, Freedom of manoeuvre, and Co-ordination of the action of the pieces. Co-ordinate the action of your pieces. Control of the centre is essential to a successful attack against the King.

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Direct and violent attacks against the King must be made en masse , with full force, to ensure their success. The opposition must be overcome at all cost; the attack cannot be broken off, because that generally means defeat.

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Other things being equal , any material gain, no matter how small, means success. Position comes first; material next.

llerhydkogez.gq Space and Time are complementary factors of Position. If the game will go to an ending for a decision, consider the type of ending to come before exchanging pieces.

Enter supporting content here. Very little has been written on this subject. Force, which is displayed in the Chessmen, or pieces, and acts in.

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A Primer of Chess

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