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Internet Tools Links for Instrument and Control Engineers

Engineering Directory - In this link from the excellent Engineering Directory you will find thousands of definitions of engineering terms and phrases encountered in a range related fields. It includes Acronyms, Cross-References, Abbreviation Scientific, Technical, Mathematical Entries, Rubber industry terms and Automotive and automation terms in a convenient, quick-find format. Electropedia is the world's leading online electrical and electronic database containing more than 20 terms and definitions in English and French organized by subject area, with equivalent terms in German and Spanish.

This is a terrific resource thanks to the IEC. Calculators for Instrument and Control Engineers Mate - online symbolic calculator by Tusanga - This free online symbolic calculator enables you to define variables and functions as well as to evaluate expressions containing numbers in any number system from 2 binary over 8 octal , 10 decimal and 16 hexadecimal to 35, roman numerals, complex numbers, intervals, variables, matrices, function calls, Boolean values true and false and operators and, or, not The Ultimate Collection of Online Calculators - This site certainly has a huge swag of calculators covering a range of industries, subjects and those useful for those everyday conversions etc.

IDC Technologies Pocket Guides for engineers

From Crest Capital. Tank Volume Calculator — This App can be used to determine the volume of almost any vertical tank, based on varying parameters. While the tank volume calculator is invaluable when sizing a mixer for a tank or specifying a tank for a particular volume, it can also be helpful on the processing floor in determining how much to fill a vessel to get a specific volume for a particular batch or formulation.

Similarly finished batch volume can be worked out using the tank volume calculator. There are also Bonus Tools - Since many engineers and operations personnel work in a global environment switching between metric and U. Initially designed as a quick tank volume calculator for use in place of a slide rule, the new Silverson Conversion Tools app also offers users eight additional conversion applications, ranging from motor power to weight. Along with the conversion tools, the app lets users Email or Share tank volume calculation results with colleagues and includes a browser for viewing the Silverson website and product lines.

Watch later this summer for the release of an Android-based version. Commonsense Engineering Safety Tips When Commissioning Plant - IDC have compiled a list of tips on working safely when commissioning a plant or with machinery from an electrical, mechanical, instrumentation and IT point of view.

Where on earth has the electronics or indeed, plain old hobbyist gone to? Where have all our engineering leaders gone? The erratically mobile engineer In the thrall of politicians Putting your engineering brain into overdrive — with guaranteed improvements Trust your guts and not always your engineering brain Nuclear power: to hell? Or maybe, just maybe … heavenly bliss What on earth do you expect the world to do with your rubbish? Real engineering or styling and marketing? We all need an engineering mentor or advisor, teacher, role model, friend Does management know how to retain engineering professionals?

Fossil fuels are almost done for IDC produces six brilliant comprehensive Engineer's pocket guides which are now available for you to download. Have you wondered about the speed of your broadband internet connection? Cuil has indexed billion Web pages, three times more than any other search engine.

This is a fantastic resource! Simple word queries can be useful in getting answers to everything. Whether you are leading the meeting, are a participant on the agenda, or are an attendee with something to say, if you can follow a few basic principles, you can communicate effectively in the meeting. Easy and intuitive to use. New features frequently added. Just what you need. Not what you don't. Programmer gives this app a lot of love and attention and it shows. It's also a great way to discover new podcasts. So easy to find shows to follow. Six stars for Chromecast support.

The daily show uncovers how tech influences our lives in unexpected ways and provides context for listeners who care about the impact of tech, business and the digital world.

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Get in-depth coverage of current and future trends in technology, and how they are shaping business, entertainment, communications, science, politics, and society. Get the latest in technology news for your weekday commute. Wall Street Journal reporters join Tanya Bustos to cover leading companies, new gadgets, consumer trends and cyber issues. From San Francisco to New York to the hottest conferences, our journalists help you stay plugged in.

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TechStuff is a show about technology. Join host Jonathan Strickland as he explores the people behind the tech, the companies that market it and how technology affects our lives and culture. After all, most engineering professionals appreciate a diagrammatic representation as opposed to boring text - from Mackays Musings. Practice Always Makes for Perfect Presentations - Steve Mackay — IDC Technologies - Most engineering professionals will readily confess that they are not overly enthusiastic about making presentations.

Often the reason is that they are nervous, the presentations come across poorly and it is not a particularly pleasant experience for both the audience or the presenter. And helps make your career and job considerably more successful. And that is practice.

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But it works; and pays off with great feedback from your audience. Tips for your next Outstanding Engineering Presentation - Steve Mackay — IDC Technologies - You may be one of the many engineering professionals not particularly enthused with the idea of making presentations. The reasons may be that one gets nervous; the audience shows obvious boredom and the poor presentations reflect badly on one.

It is thus not a particularly pleasant experience for both the audience or the presenter. Useful Technical Information Save Money with Best Practices and an Energy Inspection Checklist - With the economic downturn, many facility managers are facing very tight operation and maintenance budgets. Luckily, many facilities are sitting on multiple energy conservation opportunities that can save thousands of dollars per year with relatively little capital investment. From Fluke. This superb link from the International Bureau of Weights and Measures covers just about everything one would wish to know about SI units, giving full text in English and French, a condensed version and a pocket guide.

Mathematical Symbols Math symbols that represent mathematical concepts. Microsoft Office Converters and Viewers With the help of these converters and viewers, you can share your Microsoft Office files with people who have versions of Office programs different from your own, or even with people who don't have Office at all.

Pdf Tools Pdf - This free tool makes it easy and affordable to create professional-quality documents in the popular PDF file format. Travel Tools - The following travel tools are from timeanddate. Website Tools Looking to put a button on your website? Working in the Sun?

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The Cancer Council of NSW has released a guide for working safety in the sun - some great tips here that may even save your life. There are some really useful tips to be found here. This pdf is worth putting on your computer for reading on those long trips. You can get it for free here. Have we forgotten the important aspect of our business. Why our engineering education system is broken and what to do about it.

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  • Tethered to your desk and smothered by your work — whilst mobile. Putting your engineering brain into overdrive — with guaranteed improvements.

    IDC Engineers Pocket Guide - Communications IDC Engineers Pocket Guide - Communications
    IDC Engineers Pocket Guide - Communications IDC Engineers Pocket Guide - Communications
    IDC Engineers Pocket Guide - Communications IDC Engineers Pocket Guide - Communications
    IDC Engineers Pocket Guide - Communications IDC Engineers Pocket Guide - Communications
    IDC Engineers Pocket Guide - Communications IDC Engineers Pocket Guide - Communications
    IDC Engineers Pocket Guide - Communications IDC Engineers Pocket Guide - Communications

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