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T Another review lost when Firefox crashed The novel has themes, actions, and some symbols--which the author explains to us in the preface. Is this what put me off? Was there nothing to do as a reader except stand passively by and observe what had already been explained to me? Or is it perhaps the novel's primary message which somehow made it impossible for the novel to actually be what we've come to call a novel. Let me explain: The main event of the narrative is an act both so random as to be absurd and yet so horrific in its occurrence as to seem to demand explanation.

That is as much to say, then, that the novel is about the insufficiency of the traditional narrative to explain some of the most dire events--exactly the events that we seem to need to explain the most. This is a revelation I thought I had come to on my own, and much of my own recent writing has been about this very situation: how much we rely on traditional narrative forms to understand the universe and how insufficient that is in actually making sense out of the universe. I'm currently composing a novel in frames in which six storytellers spend a week telling each other tales through the night.

Therefore, in my novel, narrative itself--as it is in my master Boccaccio's Decameron --becomes a major theme. My point in composing such a text is that we have need of new narrative--even non-narrative--narrative forms in order to really understand--or understand a little better--the actual chaos that is the universe--which, in the end, may not be narrative at all. I'll go out on a limb here and say that it's not, destroying the foundations of all human religion, science, and philosophy in a single sentence. Take that! Anthropology studies our need for and the forms that our humankind in general stories take.

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Connecting these thoughts makes me like Deadeye Dick better than I thought I did when I began writing this review. If that's really what the novel is saying. I guess if I say that's what it's saying then that's what it's saying because the moral of a story is in the eye of the beholding reader, no? This is why I personally believe the greatest story ever told not to be the passion of the Christ but rather "The Emperor's New Clothes.

Stories about story telling are not only about story telling; they're about the human mind, about conformity, deceit, religion, politics. They are pure historiography and anthropology, baby. They tell us not what we need to know but maybe how we need to know.

That's important maybe. To a writer anyway. Oct 23, Chris rated it it was amazing Shelves: fiction. Vonnegut is back at full strength! I'm reading his novels in chronological sequence and the two written after Breakfast of Champions were a disappointment at best. With Deadeye Dick , his power returns, with a more mature end-of-life perspective.

Even though Vonnegut was only 59 while writing it, you get the feeling that his personal story has ended, and its epilogue has begun. This is not a guess: he admits it for himself, through his characters, and is a main theme of the book.

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Between its openi Vonnegut is back at full strength! Between its opening lines "To the as-yet-unborn, to all innocent wisps of undifferentiated nothingness: watch out for life.

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We are still in the Dark Ages. The Dark Ages—they haven't ended yet. It will be interesting how he follows of course, followed up on this one. Jun 23, Russel rated it did not like it.

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Rudy Waltz fast became one of my favorite KV creations. His recipes and memory playlets added a layer of complexity to the character and style.

As always, Vonnegut is the master of satire. Apr 30, M. Another great Vonnegut novel down! The more you read Vonnegut, the more you realize that each of his books is simply a different cynical riff on some aspect of his personal microcosm. This one is more of a tangent to the others, great reading as a sort of appendix or precursor to Breakfast Of Champions.

The story stands completely alone, but it would be a very odd place to start if you were not yet initiated to his world. I wouldn't start here, but if your burning through his books, make sure yo Another great Vonnegut novel down! I wouldn't start here, but if your burning through his books, make sure you hit this one.

Jul 14, Wayne rated it it was amazing. I loved this!

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The bomb, big pharma, police brutality, the modern age, and so much more - always timely and of the moment. Heavy themes, but wrapped in genuine goodness. Vonnegut's autobiographical prologues are the best, this has to be has one of my faves. Jun 01, Johanna Hilla added it. I read almost the entire book when a fire broke out at a painting section of a car factory, and all the workers were sent out to spend their day outside. For one day the usually busy nest of working blue-overall bees turned into a sunny festival of ice-cream and cigarettes.

It could have been the best day of the summer.

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The joy of sunshine when you are expected to work, but cannot because of a system failure. This is a big, bulky book for only little over words. The blue cover, which looks l I read almost the entire book when a fire broke out at a painting section of a car factory, and all the workers were sent out to spend their day outside.

The blue cover, which looks like a cheap 90's superhero promotion matched the blue overalls, and people smiled whilst driving by with their forklifts. I was being careful to not to be on the way, for this is the perfect story about accidents that ruin lives.

Reading his works always makes me remember how little we can define what kind of life is good. He ridicules the insistence of human beings on hierarchical structures which are essentially built upon nothing more but appearances. And then, at any given moment, everything gets taken away, and someone cuts the buttons off all of the clothes you bought in London. I'm going to give this five stars because of someone whose peephole closed due to a radioactive mantelpiece. So it goes. Do bi do bi do. Jul 23, Sookie rated it really liked it Shelves: , sci-fi-fantasy.

For a book that is set to explore death of innocence, it quite can get cycnical. Sometimes it seems like cynicism and apathy become Vonnegut's go to move when dealing with subject that requires absolute empathy. Not always losing innocence would mean gaining knowledge. Not always does losing innocence means gaining experience. Sometimes its losing a bit of faith and looking at the world with narrow eyes. Sometimes it's not believing in human suffering. Sometimes its lack of hope in becoming some For a book that is set to explore death of innocence, it quite can get cycnical.

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Sometimes its lack of hope in becoming something bigger than we can ever be. Sometimes it's just a seed of doubt that grows and grows and takes over the smallest possibility of contentment. Feb 05, Scott Shipp rated it really liked it. It presents a picture of Middle America in the 20th century as raw and insightful as any of his other work.

The rest should read Slaughterhouse Five or Breakfast of Champions and become a Vonnegut fan first, but then make a trip through Midland City and the mind of Deadeye Dick. Dec 08, Andy rated it really liked it Shelves: american-nightmare.

Deadeye Dick Deadeye Dick
Deadeye Dick Deadeye Dick
Deadeye Dick Deadeye Dick
Deadeye Dick Deadeye Dick
Deadeye Dick Deadeye Dick

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