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Hi Richard, glad you got it working. It is the standard tool for Android development but depending on your project goals there are other options. Sir , android studio or Unity which is best for games development? Try this discussion. Hi John. I am really enjoying going through your book! I believe I ran into an issue with the pong game. It works, but there appears to be an anomaly where the ball can get stuck against the edge or even off the screen. I recreated the issue using a Pixel 2 XL — real and virtual. Unless I am missing something, I think it is related to the way the frame rate can vary in the game along with the way the collision handling works.

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A lower frame rate increases the number of pixels for the ball to be moved during the collision. So the X coordinate of the left side of the ball might go down to Our code detects the collision and reverses the velocity. So perhaps it moves 15 pixels to the right along the X axis.

At this point the collision check code executes on every frame unless the frame rate drops low enough on a move the X value to the right to get us back on the screen where X would not be less than 0 or the game ends. I realize the pong game is purposefully simple in order to teach a specific set of concepts and not meant to be a polished game, so I am not saying it needs to work perfectly.

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I am just curious if my suspicions about the cause for the behavior are correct. Yes the code is flawed through simplicity. A quick fix might be to move the ball each time it collides with a screen edge to the nearest pixel that does not cause another collision. As an example you could move the ball to pixel 0 horizontally when it collides with the left. You could also set the ball with the specific appropriate velocity ie positive after left hand collision rather that just calling reverse… which can get in to a muddle. Build 6 cool games:.


Learn Java and Android from scratch:. Learn Kotlin and Android from scratch:.

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Game coding for beginners. Tutorials on essential topics like game math, AI and physics. Tutorials on Kotlin programming. Beginner c tutorials that will get you started making games with Unity. Kotlin Android Projects Game projects for beginners using Kotlin. Game projects for beginners using Java.

SFML projects from basic to complete games. Unity game projects from beginner to full games. Projects for getting started with Unreal Engine. Projects for GameMaker Studio: Getting started to complete games. Related Posts. Don October 28, at am - Reply. John Horton October 28, at pm - Reply. Richard March 17, at am - Reply. Thanks and keep up the good work, Richard. John Horton March 17, at am - Reply.

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As a guess at the possible cause it could be the following autogenerated line of code: setContentView R. Hope this helps, John. Richard March 17, at pm - Reply. John Horton March 21, at am - Reply. Peter April 5, at am - Reply. Jesse Feiler. The iPhone App Design Manual. Dave Brown. Practical Android 4 Games Development. Jerome DiMarzio.

Barry A. Vandad Nahavandipoor. Building Android Apps in Easy Steps.

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    Beginning Android Games, 2nd Edition

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    Beginning Android Games, 2nd Edition Beginning Android Games, 2nd Edition
    Beginning Android Games, 2nd Edition Beginning Android Games, 2nd Edition
    Beginning Android Games, 2nd Edition Beginning Android Games, 2nd Edition
    Beginning Android Games, 2nd Edition Beginning Android Games, 2nd Edition
    Beginning Android Games, 2nd Edition Beginning Android Games, 2nd Edition
    Beginning Android Games, 2nd Edition Beginning Android Games, 2nd Edition

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