Always the Young Strangers

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He then had us pair up and wait on the Lord, to hear what He had to say. The man that was standing next to me nailed it. This man had never met me a day in his life! But God knew. As long as they call you that you are not one of them and are not considered a member of the tribe or family. Before the fire this is how they referred to me.

I was an outsider. I was not considered one of them. I was never offended by it. The truth was that I did not know their ways or customs.

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I stumbled along most days not even understanding the language. Everything changed for me after the fire. They welcomed me as one of their own.

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I remember the day my father in law told me that I was no longer a nuluagmuit and that I was Inupiaq now. A real person in their eyes. I was undone. I was no longer to be considered a stranger nor a foreigner amongst them. They began to invite me to hunt alongside of them in many scenarios. I was even invited onto and made a full member of a Barrow Whaling crew. This place called Ambler has great significance and destiny concerning the people of the Kobuk River Valley and now I was one of them.

Ambler will be an epicenter of His glory and a place of great outpouring! His encounter was with a bird. The sound of the bird spoke in his language about the Father and the Son as the Source of all intelligence. Mannilaq prophesied that many people would come to Ambler because something of great value would be found in the land. I can believe it. Tommy told me before he died that Ambler is sitting on the richest deposits of gold in the whole state of Alaska, possibly the world.

Rumors say that diamonds are also found there. The largest deposit of jade in the world is nine miles away from the mouth of the river. The area is also known statewide as the Ambler mining district. Ambler will be known in the Northwest Territories of Alaska as a place where the Gospel is established and brings great light to the region as well as prosperity to the land. I decree and declare it. Mannilaq, a true prophet over Alaska, said people of every tongue, tribe and nation would converge on this place!

Mannilaq had a revelation of foreigners!

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Foreigners who would come and no longer be strangers in the land. The Word Mannilaq declared also included a whale that would come up from the depths of the mouth of the Ambler River known as Ivisaappaamuit signifying the eminent return of the Lord Jesus Christ as Conquering King. As recent as last year a beluga whale was spotted at the mouth of the Ambler River. Could this be the prophecy fulfilled?

Always the Young Strangers

At the very least this is prophetic of the land and its resources. I have heard it prophesied throughout the State of Alaska the significance of the whale that represents the unifying of communities through great provision. The whale that is harvested from the depths of the waters denotes the feeding on the revelations of the deeper things of God and the knowledge of His Glory and Grace. Muk Tuk manna I like to call it. Fresh manna from Heaven that proceeds from the mouth of the Father!

Our daily Bread. God has promised that we would no longer remain strangers or foreigners in the land He has given us to possess. He is watching over His plan to perform it. He is not slack concerning His promises. And it is He who is working within us to will to do His good pleasure! Probably not.

We already have all the favor that sons loved by the Father of all Creation could ever have! Its good not to let these things go to our head. But to God be the Glory! Fortunately for us, perfection is not a prerequisite. Remaining in Christ allows the Lord to position you within His order and arrangement as you navigate the steep mountains of adversity and pain that lead to His goodness. His Grace is sufficient for us all!

  • Street Portraits by the Young Citizens group shot on Leica cameras;
  • The Poet Historians Moving Recollection of His Small Town Youth.
  • Managing Behaviour in the Early Years (Behaviour Management).

His goodness and favor are with you along the path. He wants us to know that.

He knows us. He knows we are but dust. A perfect loving God who chooses to move through imperfect broken vessels who are incapable of doing anything of significance apart from His anointing to do so. Sure, we have abilities, strengths and talents. But nothing done apart from the direction and empowering of the Holy Spirit holds any eternal consequence unless He has orchestrated it and taken up the Shepherding role within it.

We must be led. Without His leading we will fail miserably. Without His super invading our natural it will not produce results that have any eternal implications in His Kingdom worth mentioning. Just as the Lord brought Abraham out from the land of Ur in Mesopotamia eventually on through to the land of promise called Canaan where the Lord made this covenant with this patriarch of faith. He sent Melchizedek the King of Salem, to minister to Abraham so that he would no longer be a stranger in a foreign land.

To install generations of faith who are the seed of Abraham in the land He has given them. His Kingdom come and His Will be done here on earth through the images of God made righteous through faith. Angels who are simply messengers sent by Heavens decree to reestablish generations of sons who are no longer strangers in the land. The divine intention has always been about the One who sends the angels and delegates citizenship to those who choose to believe.

It is about the knowledge that He is a Covenant keeping God. It is about the King and His Dominion. It has always been about faith, hope and love established through His Truth. It is about relationship restored through the gift called faith. Learn more about Stephen Holmstock at www. It is well worth the read!

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This is one of my favorite quotes….. Post Comment. Strongs We never know when an angel will be dispatched into our lives, do we? Stephen Holmstock 4 months ago 1 Post Views: 1, One comment. Jennifer McBride Holmstock May 31, at am. Items related to Always the Young Strangers. Stock Image. Always the Young Strangers Sandburg, Carl. Save for Later. From Ground Zero Books, Ltd. Silver Spring, MD, U. About this Item Sewn binding. Paper over boards. From Wikipedia: "Carl August Sandburg January 6, July 22, was an American poet, writer, and editor who won three Pulitzer Prizes, two for his poetry and one for his biography of Abraham Lincoln.

Always the Young Strangers Always the Young Strangers
Always the Young Strangers Always the Young Strangers
Always the Young Strangers Always the Young Strangers
Always the Young Strangers Always the Young Strangers
Always the Young Strangers Always the Young Strangers
Always the Young Strangers Always the Young Strangers
Always the Young Strangers Always the Young Strangers

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