A Close Run Thing volume 1

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Sewall, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and notices of its impending demise that had appeared in other sympathetic newspapers, the pages of the last number do not differ in any dramatic way from earlier issues. Over the years, the format of the paper had increased dramatically in size and the masthead had undergone a number of changes, but the reform agenda of the paper, centered on immediate abolition, had remained constant.

The closing campaigns of the Civil War had witnessed great victories for the antislavery cause, but victories won at great cost—and not without personal anguish for Garrison, a sincere pacifist. Garrison set much of the type for the last issue by hand exactly as he had done 35 years earlier when The Liberator began, but also prepared a "Valedictory" that is printed on the second page, together with a prefatory "Salutatory.

The last page of the final issue ends with a poignant note: a small advertisement indicating that printing type and all the other tools and equipment necessary for a newspaper now were available for sale at The Liberator office. Perhaps in the rush to get the last number to the press, Garrison failed to thank one of his most faithful supporters, the Rev. Samuel May, Jr. Garrison repaired the oversight and took the opportunity to add one more public letter to the paper by resetting and reprinting the third and fourth pages by publishing a second edition of the last issue. He deleted and compressed advertisements in order to make space for profuse thanks to May on page 3, and also to reprint a long letter from William C.

Nell, one of his strongest advocates in the Boston African American community on page 4. Nell, who also was a Boston printer, had published his "Farewell to The Liberator ," dated to mark the 30th anniversary of the mob attack on Garrison in October , as a printed broadsheet. Now, in essence, Garrison gave him the last word. Nell vividly illustrated "the wonderful progress of that cause which the Liberator was established to espouse" by describing the bitter early struggles of the paper and the abolitionist movement in Boston, ending his recollection:.

No sooner had the terminal issue of The Liberator appeared than Garrison wrote a New Year's greeting to Wendell Phillips, thanking him for his many kindnesses over many years: "May our friendship be as perpetual as sun, moon, and stars," he wrote, "but without their occasional obscuration! Garrison lived on until , celebrated as the "preeminent agitator of the century," but without the platform provided by The Liberator , admired—even venerated—but less often heard.

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When he died in , Massachusetts Governor Thomas Talbot declared a day of mourning. Sewall, and Wendell Phillips—the last survivors of Boston's abolitionist vanguard.

In , William Lloyd Garrison's son, Francis Jackson, completed a task that had taken "nearly two-thirds of a long and busy life" to complete, an extra-illustrated edition of the biography of his father, William Lloyd Garrison, The Story of His Life , which he and his brother, Wendell Phillips Garrison, had published between and In , Francis Garrison donated the extra-illustrated volumes and Portraits of American Abolitionists , the hundreds of additional engraved and photogravure portraits he had collected, to the Massachusetts Historical Society.

The collection is remarkable for its breadth—it even includes portraits of pro-slavery activists—but is representative of its time: there are relatively few images of African Americans and women abolitionists are under-represented. New York: the Century Company, The extensive shoulder notes giving volume and page numbers to The Liberator and other sources make these volumes an annotated index of Garrison's writings. Brocklebank Graving Dock Liverpool This old dock built in is 88 feet long and 36 feet deep. However, there are no cranes available at the docksides, so, on entering dock, all the shores that need placing both sides, from the dock sides to the ship's sides, to ensure the ship is held both tightly and upright on the dock base block must be placed by hand, an arduous and time consuming task.

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We entered this dry dock on Friday the 22nd of November , for a range of repairs and maintenance jobs to be undertaken. Lord Haw Haw William Joyce, was an Englishman who had forsaken his country, and defected to Germany to become a radio propagandist for the Nazi cause, the British people had christened him Lord Haw Haw! Private property took a pounding, but this time the docks remained unscathed. Now, over three successive nights the 20th, 21st, and 22nd.

A great deal of damage was sustained, the famous St Georges Hall gutted by fire, and many city landmarks destroyed. Along the miles of docks, an overhead or elevated railway operated, in a number of places, this line was put out of action by bombs destroying sections of this rail line.

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A pound bomb exploded on the port side of our dock putting the dock gates out of action, splinters did some damage on board, but we did not have any casualities. On the 20th of December air raid, a very heavy bomb fell between the starboard side of the ship, and the dockside, it partially exploded, with no apparent damage to us. The old man shook his head. You young men will find that out. One hesitates to take hold of a thing that may the next moment be knocked sky-high. Make up to a good one and marry her, and your life will become much more interesting. A momentary silence marked perhaps on the part of his auditors a sense of the magnanimity of this speech, for it was a secret neither for his son nor for his visitor that his own experiment in matrimony had not been a happy one.

As he said, however, he made a difference; and these words may have been intended as a confession of personal error; though of course it was not in place for either of his companions to remark that apparently the lady of his choice had not been one of the best. If I could only see it myself—that would be a great step in advance.

His son broke into a laugh. Touchett brings her to England. Then young Mr. Touchett explained.

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She writes that she has discovered a niece and that she has invited her to come out with her. Is the young lady interesting? She chiefly communicates with us by means of telegrams, and her telegrams are rather inscrutable. But there had been another before, which I think contained the first mention of the niece. We thought at first that the sister mentioned might be the sister of the clerk; but the subsequent mention of a niece seems to prove that the allusion is to one of my aunts.

Does the expression apply more particularly to the young lady my mother has adopted, or does it characterise her sisters equally? Touchett remarked. Touchett arrive? She may be waiting for it yet; on the other hand she may already have disembarked in England. She thinks me of no more use than a postage-stamp without gum, and she would never forgive me if I should presume to go to Liverpool to meet her. Touchett replied.

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One can but try! While this exchange of pleasantries took place between the two Ralph Touchett wandered away a little, with his usual slouching gait, his hands in his pockets and his little rowdyish terrier at his heels. His face was turned toward the house, but his eyes were bent musingly on the lawn; so that he had been an object of observation to a person who had just made her appearance in the ample doorway for some moments before he perceived her.

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His attention was called to her by the conduct of his dog, who had suddenly darted forward with a little volley of shrill barks, in which the note of welcome, however, was more sensible than that of defiance. The person in question was a young lady, who seemed immediately to interpret the greeting of the small beast. He advanced with great rapidity and stood at her feet, looking up and barking hard; whereupon, without hesitation, she stooped and caught him in her hands, holding him face to face while he continued his quick chatter.

Meantime the two other gentlemen had also taken note of the new-comer.

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The collie, too, had now allowed his attention to be diverted, and he trotted toward the young lady in the doorway, slowly setting his tail in motion as he went. The girl spoke to Ralph, smiling, while she still held up the terrier. Ralph looked at her a moment; she was unexpectedly pretty. The young lady seemed to have a great deal of confidence, both in herself and in others; but this abrupt generosity made her blush. Have you arrived with my mother? The young man looked at his watch. She was looking at everything, with an eye that denoted clear perception—at her companion, at the two dogs, at the two gentlemen under the trees, at the beautiful scene that surrounded her.

Is one of those gentlemen your father? The girl gave a laugh. She remained standing where they had met, making no offer to advance or to speak to Mr. Touchett, and while she lingered so near the threshold, slim and charming, her interlocutor wondered if she expected the old man to come and pay her his respects. American girls were used to a great deal of deference, and it had been intimated that this one had a high spirit.

Indeed Ralph could see that in her face. They had come by this time to where old Mr. Touchett was sitting, and he slowly got up from his chair to introduce himself. The old man placed his two hands on her shoulders, looked at her a moment with extreme benevolence and then gallantly kissed her. And there was an old woman curtseying at the gate. She always does that.

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Well, I suppose I shall see her next week. But I shall be the better for having you here. She had been looking all round her again—at the lawn, the great trees, the reedy, silvery Thames, the beautiful old house; and while engaged in this survey she had made room in it for her companions; a comprehensiveness of observation easily conceivable on the part of a young woman who was evidently both intelligent and excited. She had seated herself and had put away the little dog; her white hands, in her lap, were folded upon her black dress; her head was erect, her eye lighted, her flexible figure turned itself easily this way and that, in sympathy with the alertness with which she evidently caught impressions.

A Close Run Thing volume 1 A Close Run Thing volume 1
A Close Run Thing volume 1 A Close Run Thing volume 1
A Close Run Thing volume 1 A Close Run Thing volume 1
A Close Run Thing volume 1 A Close Run Thing volume 1
A Close Run Thing volume 1 A Close Run Thing volume 1
A Close Run Thing volume 1 A Close Run Thing volume 1
A Close Run Thing volume 1 A Close Run Thing volume 1
A Close Run Thing volume 1 A Close Run Thing volume 1
A Close Run Thing volume 1

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